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Andrew Kelly
Andrew Kelly

RAM Connection CONNECT Edition V11 Update 1 Incl Crack [VERIFIED]

Bentley RAM Connection is a powerful product for designing various connections in steel structures. This software allows you to connect different parts of steel structures in different ways by taking over the responsibility of performing all kinds of mathematical and mathematical calculations. All connections are shown in 3D. It is possible to establish AISC (ASD and LRFD), EC3, GB, and BS connections in this program. You can connect different parts of columns, anchors and plates.

RAM Connection CONNECT Edition V11 Update 1 Incl Crack

Bentley RAM Connection offers the best flexibility for the design of different shear, moment, braces, splices and base plates connection types. Perform analysis and design of virtually any connection type and verify your connections in seconds, all with comprehensive calculations, including seismic compliance. Increase your productivity with optimized workflows and full integration of 3D design models, including the ability to customize the application with your preferences. Efficiently design and optimize a myriad of connections included in the AISC (ASD and LRFD), EC3, IS, GB, and BS specifications. Quickly complete all your connections, such as shear and moment connections, braced frame connections, column/beam splices, and base plates.

Capabilities:- Comply with seismic requirementsDesign and detail seismic force-resisting systems, generating seismic loads according to the relevant building code. Consider these forces in the design of elements and, where applicable, the design of frames and the larger structural system. Enforce the ductility requirements of the selected design code in element proportioning and detailing.- Design structural steel connectionsDesign and detail structural steel connections, including beam-to-beam, beam-to-column, brace end, and complex multi-member connections. Simplify the arrangement of plates, stiffeners, bolts, and welds with a comprehensive library of standard connection types. Easily compare the economy and practicality of connection scenarios.- Design to international standardsExtend the reach of your business practice and take advantage of global design opportunities by using a wide range of international standards and specifications in our design products. Complete your designs with confidence thanks to extensive support of international standards.- Produce structural design documentationGenerate structural design documents including necessary plans and elevations that are used to convey the design intent. Changes made to the 3D model are automatically updated in the documentation.- Produce structural detailsProduce detailed 2D drawings directly from design results established in the structural model. Customize the style and format of the drawings using settings offered within the software.

- Operating System requirementsSupported Windows 8.1 Professional 64-bit, Windows 10 Pro 64-bitRecommended: Windows 10 Professional 64-bit (all with latest updates applied)- Internet ConnectionFor the Subscription Entitlement Service (SES) Licensing used in all RAM and STAAD CONNECT Edition software an internetconnection is required. A license file can be reserved and copied to a machine in the rare case where no internet connection is allowed.- Graphics cardBentley strongly recommends avoiding onboard graphics chips in favor of a discrete GPU from the nVidia GeForce or Quadro range with at least 128-bit bus and 1 GB of RAM,or equivalent solution from AT l/AMD.- ProcessorWhile some of the solvers in our structural products can utilize multiple processors, most product routines utilize one processor at a time.Consequently, processor clock speeds are more important than the number of processors for performance. One of our solvers in RAM products uses Intel-provided technology,which only works on Intel brand processors. Alternative solvers stillwork with AMO or other processors.- Hard DiskAt least 2 GB free space on the partition where the Windows is installed, and 2 GB free space on the partition where projects are saved.Large projects may require significantly more space.- Random Access Memory (RAM)Recommended: at least 4 GB. Large projects may require more.- Video modesRequired: 1024 x 768 pixels, 32-bit color paletteRecommended: 1920 x 1080 pixels,32-bit color palette


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