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This section identifies and provides information about the different types of license plates offered by the MVC. If you are looking to take a specific action regarding license plates, e.g., surrendering or transferring to another vehicle, then see information about plates.


Personalize your license plate, check availability, and reserve it. If it is available and approved, your plates will be manufactured and delivered to the county treasurer's office in the county where you live. You will be notified when the plates are ready to be picked up.

With the passage of HF617, non-profit organizations may apply to the Office of Vehicle & Motor Carrier Services (OVMCS) for approval of a decal recognizing their organization or cause. The application requesting a non-profit organization decal can be obtained by contacting the OVMCS at 515-237-3110 or by emailing . If the decal is approved, the non-profit organization will be responsible for the production, administration, and issuance of the decals. The non-profit organization may also charge a fee to individuals interested in displaying the approved decal on a decal license plate. Order a decal plate.

Iowa Code Section 321.37(3) states that "It is unlawful for the owner of a vehicle to place any frame around or over the registration plate which does not permit full view of all numerals and letters printed on the registration plate."

The Iowa Supreme Court has held this to mean all the letters and numbers on a plate, and not just the plate number. To avoid a stop or citation by law enforcement, you should not use a plate frame that covers any letters or numbers printed on the plate, including but not limited to the state, county, or collegiate name, and should also not cover or obscure the registration sticker.

Note: As required by legislation authorizing production of these plates, plates listed above may only be manufactured or issued after the department receives 250 start-up orders for the specific plate.

Once 250 start-up orders have been received and processed for a plate type, the application to order the actual plates will be available online, by calling the Iowa DOT's Office of Vehicle & Motor Carrier Services at 515-237-3110 or by e-mail at

License plate covers are available with or without tint. Some will argue that the mere ability to purchase the cover at the automotive store makes it legal to use. However, this is not necessarily true.

Prosecutors will argue license plate covers that "rest over the license plate number" are per se illegal pursuant to the last sentence ofVehicle Code section 5201(f)(2). NoteVehicle Code section 5201(f)(2) makes no distinction between license plate covers with or without tint.

License plates, we all have to have them, whether we like it or not, so why not wrap them in maybe the most profound license plate frame ever made. Let people know that YOU would rather be driving. Stand up for what you love, and make a statement that other motorists around you will remember.

In the first seven months of 2022, the New York City Police Department (NYPD) arrested over 2,700 vehicle operators driving with forged license plates. The NYPD has also towed nearly 2,000 vehicles parked in violation while displaying a covered, obstructed, or illegal paper plate.

3. For a vehicle for which two special license plates are issued pursuant to section 28-2409, one plate on the rear of the vehicle and one plate on the operator's wheelchair carrier or wheelchair lift when it is attached to the vehicle.

B. A person shall display all license plates as required by subsection A of this section until their lawful use expires or is canceled or revoked. A person shall maintain each license plate so it is clearly legible. A person shall securely fasten each license plate to the vehicle as follows:

D. Unless authorized by the department, a person shall not apply a covering or any substance to the license plate or use an electronic device or electrochromatic film that obscures from any angle the numbers, characters, year validating tabs or name of the jurisdiction issuing the plate.

Many older Nevada blue plates were issued with a county designator and four or five numbers. Examples of county designator plate numbers are W12345 for Washoe County or CT12345 for a pickup registered in Clark County. You may order any county designator number regardless of your current county of residence.

If you are transferring plates between vehicles that you own, you must renew the registration(s) for a full year. Visit a DMV or Assessor office and bring Evidence of Insurance card(s), current odometer reading(s) and Emissions Inspection(s) if required. Credit will be given for any unused portion of a current registration.

Bring the license plate application, any required documentation, Evidence of Insurance and your current odometer reading to a DMV Full Service Office or County Assessor which offers vehicle registration services.

You are not required to surrender blue plates or order a new set as long as they are in good condition and readable. Existing blue plates that are not currently in use may be used for vehicle registration if they are legible and the plate number is not in use on another vehicle.

Native American tribal members residing on tribal lands are eligible for a Governmental Services Tax Exemption on their private vehicles, but not exempt license plates. The Application for Governmental Services Tax Exemption (VP 154) is the form used to apply for the exemption for individual tribal members.

Nevada law requires most vehicles to display front and rear license plates at all times, except motorcycles and trailers, which require only a rear plate. You must display both plates if the vehicle is designed for a front plate or if the manufacturer offers an add-on bracket or frame.

Front plates are optional only if 1) the vehicle was not designed for a front plate and 2) the manufacturer did not provide an add-on bracket or other means of displaying the front plate. (NRS 482.275)

The DMV issues two plates (except motorcycles and trailers). If the second plate is not displayed, it is the owner's responsibility to store the second plate and surrender or return both plates to the department at the appropriate time.

License plates must at all times be securely fastened to the vehicle so as to prevent the plate from swinging and at a height not less than 12 inches from the ground, measuring from the bottom of such plate, in a place and position to be clearly visible. It must be maintained free from foreign materials and in a condition to be clearly legible.

License plate specifications call for plates to be readable from a distance of 100 feet during daylight. At night, plates must be readable from 110 feet when lit by standard headlights. Rear plates must display a decal with the month and year of expiration. (NRS 482.270)

Registration decals which indicate the month and year of expiration are placed on the upper right-hand corner of the rear plate. Your registration expires on the exact date listed on the slip; it is not valid until the end of the month.

Nevada license plates are issued to people and businesses, not to vehicles. You may transfer your existing plates to a new vehicle. Plate transfers between individuals require a witnessed statement which can be completed at the DMV at the time of registration.

Drive folks wild from laughter with our eye-catching license plate frames sure to express what you love most or are most passionate about. These rugged license plate holders are personalized to share your message, whether it's about a hobby, an issue or just your love for chocolate and coffee. Also find tons of funny license plate frames with funny sayings and quotes that are sure to earn you a honk or two in rush hour traffic. CafePress has a huge collection of personalized license plate holders waiting to add a special touch to your car. Check them out now.

License plate camera blockers are a cheap and effective way to make your license plate number invisible to red light cameras and can save you the hassle of fighting a speeding ticket from speed cameras.

License plate covers are made of strong, clear polycarbonate plastic. They have a thin layer of prismatic material that reflects light from red light cameras, as a result making license plates unreadable.

In most states, it is forbidden to attach anything to your license plate that would make it unreadable. The state name and numbers on your plate must be clearly visible and free from any dirt, stickers, and frames at all times. Tinted covers that obscure license plates are illegal in all states.

PhotoBlocker is the best-selling license plate spray based on a patented formula. The spray makes your plate shiny so that when a photo is taken with flash, it becomes illegible. You need to apply four coats and allow the license plate to dry for at least an hour between coats.

The Zade Original Protector license plate cover is invisible to the naked eye but it reflects most red light camera flashes. In addition to diffusing light, its curved design helps bounce radar lights off of your license plate.

The Super Protector license plate cover is, according to the manufacturer, an all-in-one solution against red light cameras. The cover consists of two sections of prismatic material, each covering half of the plate. This way, one half of the plate will always be concealed no matter where the camera is located. The Super Protector cover can also be used with a license plate frame.

The advantage of Super Protector is that it obscures the plate from very steep angles, which makes it equally effective if the camera is mounted on an overpass or high on a pole. Some other covers work only at angles larger than 35 degrees, making them ineffective against red light cameras.

Featured on CSI Miami, PhotoShield license plate cover is one of the most sold red light camera blockers. This clear plastic cover has a thin diffusion lens designed to make your license plate unreadable by red light cameras when viewed at an angle. However, when the plate is viewed directly from behind the vehicle it remains clear and legible. The PhotoShield cover is guaranteed to work against all types of red light and speed cameras. 041b061a72


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