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A Comprehensive Guide to Betting on Football | Perfect for Newbies!

Starting your journey into football betting is no easy feat, but fear not! By the time you finish reading this A-Z guide on online football betting, you'll be ready to dive into the world of football betting!

9 Essential Skills of a Professional Football Bettor - DiachiBet

Understanding the exact laws of football betting allowed in Vietnam Everyone wants to win when betting on football matches, and premium football tips To achieve that, you need to understand the laws of football betting to become a sharp football bettor. Here are 7 basic rules of football betting that every bettor should know:

  1. If you bet on the first half, the result of the match is only counted in that half. If the first half result is voided, all related bets are voided as well.

  2. If the second half result is voided, the first half bets remain valid and proceed normally.

  3. In case a match is postponed or temporarily suspended within 12 hours, the bet automatically becomes void. (The bookmaker will refund all bets placed on that football match).

  4. In football betting, bookmakers like M88, Fb88, etc., provide public information about football odds such as venue, form of both teams, match time, etc. (However, this information is for reference only and may change over time. Therefore, you should regularly update to get the most accurate football odds information).

  5. The result of the football match is valid for 90 minutes of official play, plus stoppage time. Bookmakers do not count extra time results (except for some special cases).

  6. The match score is always updated by bookmakers in real-time.

  7. You can only know the final score when the match ends. For live betting, betting tickets will be automatically rejected when the referee blows the final whistle.

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Basic Rights and Responsibilities of Football Bettors

Football bettors have the right to convert their betting money into cash as needed, provided they meet the withdrawal conditions (these conditions vary depending on the policies of each bookmaker).

Bettors are entitled to legitimate rights such as privacy of personal information, bank account security, etc.

If bettors suspect signs of fraud by the bookmaker, they are allowed to report and litigate to reclaim their rights.

Bettors must comply with the rules of the bookmaker and of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. Violators will be held accountable under the law.

Bettors are obligated to pay betting taxes like other industries.

4 Cases of Persons Not Allowed to Participate in Football Betting

  1. Individuals under 21 years old.

  2. Individuals with psychological or nervous disorders.

  3. Individuals engaged in business activities related to football betting companies.

  4. Individuals subject to penalties, criminal prosecution, undergoing rehabilitation, or residing in rehabilitation centers.

When learning the laws of football betting, there are two common types of betting laws that should not be confused: Online Football Betting and Traditional Football Betting.

Online Football Betting Laws

When you play by online betting laws, you no longer have to worry about the risk of betting traps or being swindled by agents/bookmakers. In addition, you don't have to worry about being cheated by the agent/bookmaker. Or you can simply put it: Online football betting laws ensure the RIGHTS of the players to be satisfied and enjoy entertainment!

6 Outstanding Advantages of Online Football Betting

Convenient, simple, easy: Just a Smartphone and/or Internet-connected computer, and you can place bets anywhere.

Players can comfortably refer and choose the ideal bookmaker for themselves.

Players satisfy their passion with various forms of betting such as European handicap, Asian handicap, Over/Under bets.

High odds, easy to compare and identify bets to increase winning opportunities.

Dedicated customer service team, enthusiastic, operating 24/7.

Player information is kept strictly confidential.

Traditional Football Betting Laws

According to Bet Address, you should not engage in traditional football betting. There are two main reasons that are extremely important:

  1. The odds of traditional football betting are easy to confuse: When there are too many people, the recorder himself (not automated) is also easy to misunderstand betting odds.

  2. Lack of solid commitment: Neither side has any "black and white" obligations. Therefore, the winning party is likely to be cheated.

Overview of the Tài Xỉu Law in Football Betting

Over/Under is a popular form of betting in online football betting. So what is Tài – Xỉu football? Tài – Xỉu (also known as Over/Under bet) is a betting form in which each bookmaker predicts a NUMBER in a match, and your task is to predict whether that number will be higher (Tài – Over) or lower (Xỉu – Under) than the NUMBER initially set by the bookmaker. Suppose the bookmaker predicts Over 3 goals, meaning the bookmaker predicts that the number of goals will be over 3 goals, and there are 3 cases:

  1. If the match result exceeds 3 goals and you bet on Over, you win.

  2. If the match result is less than 3 goals and you bet on Under, you win.

  3. If the score is exactly 3, then the bet amount will be automatically halved.

Once you understand the Over/Under rule, the next skill you need to hone is...

Mastering Some Common Terms in Betting

Note: This is an EXTREMELY IMPORTANT section, and Bet Address highly encourages you to read this section thoroughly, as you will encounter and use these terms when exchanging football betting information with bookmakers and other players. There are 5 important types of football betting terms that you need to know and master, including:

23 BASIC TERMS in Football Betting (from A-Z)

  1. 24 Hour Rule – Many reputable bookmakers have regulations that if a match is postponed, the bet is only voided if the match is postponed for more than 24 hours, but if postponed within 24 hours, the bet will continue.

  2. 90 Minute Betting – This betting form is applied when you place a bet on individual players (such as the goal scorer). If that player does not appear in the match, that bet is considered invalid.

  3. Accumulator – A football betting form consisting of a series of single bets combined together.

  4. Correct Score (CS Bet) – Betting on the exact score of the match.

  5. Running Bet – Betting while the match is in progress (players often bet before the match starts).

  6. Draw No Bet (DNB) – If the match result is a draw, you can reclaim the amount you bet (although this is a seemingly safe option, the odds for this bet are often lower than other football bets).

  7. Extra Time (ET) – Extra playing time.

  8. Full Time (FT) – The total duration of the match, end of the match.

  9. Handicap – This is a betting form used when one team has a clear advantage (e.g., Liverpool vs. Norwich City).

  10. Half Time (HT) – The first half time of the match.

  11. Underdog – The team is given an advantage, the underdog team.

  12. Handicap/Betting Odds – The odds for a specific match set by the bookmaker.

  13. Favorite – The team with the advantage, the favorite team.

  14. Lose Full – Lose all money or lose full money.

  15. Lose Half – Lose half the money.

  16. Odds – The betting odds in a specific match.

  17. Over/Under – Over/Under bet.

  18. Penalty Shootout (PEN) – Penalty shootout.

  19. Scorecast – This is a prediction for both the first goal scored and the exact score of the match.

  20. Stake (Bet Amount) – The amount of money you bet on a football match (single bet).

  21. Wincast – Similar to Scorecast, but instead of betting on goals and scores, you bet on the player who scores and then the team wins.

  22. Win Half – Win half the money.

  23. Win Full – Win all the money or win full money.

25 SLANG TERMS in the Football Betting Community (from A-Z)

  1. Aunt Chị – Nickname for football betting companies.

  2. Banh xác – The result of "body drop"...

  3. Main Ball – Refers to major tournaments like Premier League, Serie A, La Liga, Bundesliga, Champions League, Euro, World Cup, etc.

  4. Grass ball – A football bet in small tournaments, less known and recognized.

  5. Accurate – Betting Under, betting Under (Over/Under bet).

  6. Freezing – A boring match, boring; lacking unexpected situations and breakthroughs (due to caution from both teams).

  7. Fail – Lost the bet.

  8. Bone release – For difficult bets, players will skip this bet.

  9. Bone chewing – Refers to bets that you know will lose, but you still try to hold onto the hope of redemption at the last minute.

  10. Against the blood – Players disagree, predict in a football bet.

  11. Explosion – When there is a goal in the match.

  12. Pick/Code/Bass – Choose 1 bet placed or bet on which team (similar to pick).

  13. Rotting bet – Contrary to Fresh bet.

  14. Fresh bet – Betting with a high winning rate (according to your subjective evaluation).

  15. Desert – Deserting football betting.

  16. Out of strength – Powerless in front of a defeat, loss of football betting.

  17. Acid – Lost bet.

  18. Half Acid – Half Lost bet.

  19. Remembering late – A bet after a period of rest, and rejoin soccer tips telegram

  20. A mix – On bets with high odds; very risky in football betting.

  21. Burning sticks – You're making bets, and burning all your money.

  22. Burned money – This is a term that means the loss of all money you've bet on football betting.

  23. Gash half – A word of regret about losing football bets.

  24. Glue – Good at football betting.

  25. Head of the class – Can play football betting online.

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