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Sonny With A Chance So Sketchy Game

Congratulations! You have just miraculously landed in a magical world! Here you find an exhaustive collection of point-and-click, arcade, 2D games to satisfy any taste. Meet your friends from Disney Channel and let them take you on the adventure of your lifetime. The world offers you plenty of opportunities to play with your favorite characters. Now you might be helping Zack and Cody to throw the best pizza party of the summer while playing the Pizza Party Pickup game, and in the few minutes, you race through a hot and dangerous desert as Lightning McQueen, trying to get in front of Hicks and Weathers.

Sonny With A Chance So Sketchy Game

Most of you are already familiar with the majority of these old Disney Channel Games. Some of you might even get nostalgic while playing the games since it might remind you about the golden era of childhood when you've first interacted with all those famous Disney Characters. Whichever should be the case, there's a guarantee that no day will be the same after your steps in this magic world.

So far, there are 547 online Disney Games, for both kids and adults, that you can play on for free right now! All the games are organized into 29 categories, the most popular being Hannah Montana Games, with 4585830 total plays, and the most recently updated is Lilo and Stitch Games on Sunday, February 05, 2023. The most rated game is Winnie the Pooh's Home Run Derby, with 9655 votes received!

Starting with January 2021, most browsers stopped supporting Flash Technology, making it impossible to run games like Sonny With a Chance: So Sketchy. However, you can still play this game using our custom Browser. Give it a try!

Nico and Grady first met each other 13 years ago when they threw up on the same tea cup ride and are currently still the best of friends. These two have done a lot of mischief and trouble in a hilarious way. They are both on So Random and enemies of Murphy. The two also don't like Sonny and Chads' Relationship just like the rest of their cast mates. Nico and Grady have also been in a lot of great sketches together. Nico likes to give Grady dating advice, though neither of them have really been in a real relationship. Nico helped Grady talk to Mel and overcome the "Seamus McGregor" inside of him. They both enjoy playing video games, Grady's player 1 while Nico's player 2. They tend to get along with each other very well and make a great team. The two have fought before in "Sonny in the Middle", however, Nico and Grady will always have each other's backs and they are a great example in showing what true friendship really is. Nico and Grady were the only boys on So Random! but now that Chad has joined, they are not the only ones.

Sonny manages to convince Chad to play musical chairs after barging into the MacKenzie Falls set and bawking at him, with the terms that if the cast of So Random! wins, they get the parking space back, the MacKenzie Falls table, Chad has to buy them a new toilet paper holder and he will have to say something nice about So Random! on MacKenzie Falls; but if the cast of MacKenzie Falls wins, they get to say that MacKenzie Falls is better than So Random! on their show. The So Random! cast is the first to arrive at the commissary and start practicing sitting and walking, until they have to begin due to the arrival of the cast of MacKenzie Falls. Eventually when there is only one chair left between Sonny and Chad, the music stops and Sonny pretends to break her ankle, only to pull Chad down when he attempts to help her up and rush up to sit in the last chair, therefore winning the game. Chad, impressed with Sonny's acting, invites her onto his show, but Sonny declines and decides to stay at So Random!. At the end, the So Random! gang is watching MacKenzie Falls. On the show, Chad then says So Random! is his favorite show. The So Random! gang cheer and are pleased to hear this.

If you've got a knack for fashion, you'll want to give the old Disney Channel game Design Hannah Montana. You'll help the famous teenage superstar achieve the perfect look with plenty of fun and glittery clothes. You can also change Hannah's hairstyle by choosing different hair colors and experimenting with them. When you're done with Hannah's final look, you have the option to print out your work and impress your pals with your fashion skills.


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