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Andrew Kelly
Andrew Kelly

Real Steel 1080p Mkv 20

hey paul, i am an old rotary dialer so i know your pain you see i had to change offices recently and all the radio stuff was in the other office. very annoying. well i cant help much i just have a spare computer that i can get to if i need it thanks. i can connect you to some radio people. but dont hold your breath, i would hold your breath

Real Steel 1080p Mkv 20

hey paul! great article! i am a big fan of the documentary genre and i love reading articles like these that highlight some of the greatest pieces of our time. i personally think that documentaries can offer a deeper and more captivating narrative than many other genres of film. i really appreciate you sharing with us. i hope your doing well. i wish you all the best

just visited for a short while on the way to work and had to look up this place. wow, great collection of films. i am looking forward to checking out a few but what got me the most was the description of the film inchon! that's an intense movie. i remember it as a great blockbuster of '74 but the movie that got me hooked was the french connection and the character of jimmy "popeye" doyle. he was definitely a crook but certainly a likeable one.

i love these short lists, it's always great to read anothers opinion on a film and learn what has affected them so strongly. i loved following your mad journey through your love of the genre, and am totally intruiged at what will come next. "strange days" is an old favourite, whilst the two more recent films you list are definitely on my search list. the one that has been sitting on the shelf for a while is "bad day at black rock" starring mel gibson, (i haven't seen it for awhile) another great old favourite i remember, but never got around to watching.


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