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Ian Wright
Ian Wright

[S12E19] Split Decisions =LINK=

Russell realizes that in-vitro fertilization (frozen embryos) is the only way you can get identical triplets from one set of parents born to three different families in different years and locations. The fertilized embryo split three ways, a miracle in itself. However, Dr. Kiel was a pediatrician, not an IVF doctor. Russell has Morgan look into the doctor's past to see what he did before he became a pediatrician.

[S12E19] Split Decisions

Vivian Brentson, Jordan's mother (and lawyer) arrives at the police station. She doesn't recognize Dr. Kiel from his photo, but her memory is somewhat jogged when Sara brings up the past. Vivian admits that 25 years ago, one of her embryos split three ways. However, she could only afford to care for one child. She told the clinic to dispose of the other embryos, something the clinic apparently didn't do.

Avery explains that when his mother died, he overheard that she gave birth via in-vitro fertilization. He confronted his father, who confirmed that the embryo split four ways and that Avery has three brothers. In a fit of anger, Avery blamed his father for his mother's death. His belief is that no jury is going to put a 12-year-old away for murder and refuses to give up his brothers, claiming that they're his only real family. 041b061a72


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