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How The Jacka Became The Jack Artist: A Review of His Second Solo Album

The Jacka The Jack Artist Rar: A Review of a Bay Area Classic

The Jacka was one of the most respected and influential rappers from the Bay Area, who sadly passed away in 2015. His legacy lives on through his music, especially his second solo album, The Jack Artist. Released in 2005, The Jack Artist is widely regarded as The Jacka's best work and a masterpiece of West Coast rap. In this article, we will review The Jack Artist and explain why it is a must-have for any hip-hop fan.

The Jacka The Jack Artist Rar

What is The Jack Artist?

The Jack Artist is the second solo album by The Jacka, who was a member of the Mob Figaz, a rap group from Pittsburg, California. The album was The Jacka's first album to be released on his independent label, The Artist Records, and was sold "straight out of the trunk" and sold incredible amounts of units. The album features guest appearances from fellow Mob Figaz members Husalah, Rydah J. Klyde and Fed-X, as well as other Bay Area legends like Cormega, Yukmouth and Keak Da Sneak. The album also features production from Rob Lo, who is known for his signature melodic and soulful beats.

Why is The Jack Artist so good?

What makes The Jack Artist so good is the mix of honesty and reality found in The Jacka's rhymes with Rob Lo's impeccable production. The Jacka raps about his life as a hustler, a Muslim and a human being with flaws and regrets. He does not glorify violence or crime, but rather reflects on the consequences and struggles of his lifestyle. He also shows remorse, understanding and motivation to change - all qualities which are true rarities in today's rap game. His voice is smooth and charismatic, delivering his bars with confidence and emotion. He also showcases his versatility, switching from hard-hitting street anthems to smooth love songs with ease.

Rob Lo's production complements The Jacka's lyrics perfectly, creating a cohesive and atmospheric sound for the album. His beats are rich and layered, blending samples from soul, jazz and rock with crisp drums and bass. He also adds subtle touches of guitar, piano and horns to create a dynamic and diverse sonic palette. His production creates a mood that matches The Jacka's tone, whether it is somber, hopeful or triumphant.

What are some of the best songs on The Jack Artist?

The Jack Artist has 19 tracks, each one offering something different and memorable. Here are some of the highlights:

  • "Never Blink" (feat. J Stylin & Dubb 20): The opening track sets the tone for the album, with The Jacka rapping about his determination to survive and succeed in the game over a haunting piano loop.

  • "Barney (More Crime) Remix" (feat. Cormega & Rydah J. Klyde): One of the most popular songs on the album, featuring a guest verse from New York legend Cormega, who praises The Jacka for his skills and authenticity.

  • "Girls Say": A smooth and catchy song where The Jacka talks about his relationships with women over a soulful sample.

  • "Lookin' At It" (feat. Yukmouth & Keak Da Sneak): A club banger where The Jacka teams up with two of the Bay Area's finest to rap about their lavish lifestyles over a funky beat.

  • "Sometimes I" (feat. Mob Figaz): A heartfelt song where The Jacka and his crew reminisce about their past and express their loyalty to each other over a melancholic guitar riff.

  • "Really Dope" (feat. Dubb 20 & Husalah): A hard-hitting song where The Jacka and his partners in crime rap about their drug dealing exploits over a sinister beat.

  • "Blind World" (feat. Husalah): A deep and introspective song where The Jacka and Husalah reflect on their faith and their fate over a beautiful sample.

  • "Kuran": The closing track where The Jacka recites verses from the Quran over a peaceful instrumental, showing his devotion to Islam.

Where can I download The Jack Artist?

If you want to download The Jack Artist in high quality (FLAC + 320 kbps), you can find it on various websites such as Wayshare or You can also stream it on platforms like Apple Music or YouTube. However you choose to listen to it, you will not regret it.


The Jack Artist is a classic album that deserves more recognition and appreciation. It showcases The Jacka's talent as a rapper and a storyteller, as well as Rob Lo's skill as a producer. It is an album that captures the essence of the Bay Area rap scene, as well as the universal themes of life, death and redemption. It is an album that will make you think, feel and nod your head. It is an album that you need to hear. 4e3182286b


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